Satelite Dish

Are you a cable television customer that’s been thinking about switching to a satelite dish? Are you dissatisfied with your cable service? Do you want high definition video or bundled personal video recording options? If you answered yes to any of these questions, switching to a satelite dish may be the answer.

There are many advantages to using a satelite dish instead of your old cable—and few disadvantages. In the old days, the cost of a satelite dish system was prohibitive for most consumers. However, in this day and age, almost anyone can afford a good satelite dish system!

Satelite Dish: Things to Know

So why have so many American switched to the satelite dish? First, nearly everyone in the country can receive the signals needed to get satelite television. All you need is a view of the southwestern or southeastern sky, depending on which coast you are closes to. Cable providers cannot deliver programming to rural areas because it would be cost prohibitive. Second, the satelite dish receives a signal that is 100% digital. Even so-called digital cable plans use an old analog signal to broadcast some stations.

Third, you can get more programming options with a satelite dish. Fourth, but certainly not least, satelite television prices have finally come down to a level that makes them extremely competitive with existing cable prices. For all these reasons, satelite has become a major player in the broadcast market and will continue to grow as new technologies bring the cost down even further.

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