Dish Network Prices

Most consumers are pretty price savvy. Most realize that Dish Network Prices started high and took a while to become affordable. That trend has accelerated recently to the point that Dish Network vs cable prices have flip flopped from the original situation. If all you want is the basic channels package, then cable and Dish Network prices are very similar. However, the more premium channels (and receivers) you want increases the advantage of owning a Dish Network system. In fact, studies have shown that satellite TV services cost an average of 20% less than cable! Cut the cable; get the all-digital Dish Network today!

Dish Network Prices: Better than Cable

That’s right! In most circumstances, Dish Network prices beat cable services. These days, almost anyone can get a four-receiver Dish Network system installed for under $50, and in some instances, free (when you sign up for a two or three year agreement). While digital cable boxes are leased to consumers at $10 per box, the dish network receivers cost nothing to use outside of your channels package. And while cable rates have risen by 35% over the past five years, the total cost for satellite systems have dropped even with the added ability to see local channels now.

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